Don’t be caught out by an asthma attack

If you are one of the many families about to take advantage of the October half-term break and head off to grab a last bit of sunshine you probably realise the importance of having travel insurance. However, if your child suffers from asthma you may have overlooked the fact that you need to declare this to your insurance provider. If you fail to do this and your child has an asthma attack on holiday which requires medical help you could land yourself with a hefty bill, especially if you are travelling to a country outside the EU.

Although over a million children in the UK suffer from asthma, there is often a reluctance on the part of the doctors to make a formal diagnosis whilst the child’s respiratory system is not fully developed. This can make it difficult for parents to know just what to declare to their insurance company.

Lauren Stovell of recommends asking the family doctor for details of what exactly appears on the child’s medical records, e.g. respiratory wheeze, viral-induced wheeze, RSV bronchiolitis. This can in turn be relayed to the insurance provider, ensuring that the condition is covered.

When you think that something as innocent as a fresh coat of paint in a hotel room or a touch of mould on the window frame of a holiday cottage can trigger an asthma attack it makes sense to ensure that any hospital bills are covered by your policy. was set up this year to enable those with pre-existing medical conditions to find the best possible travel insurance deal.

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