£55 million bill for sports injuries

If you are the sporty type you probably see your annual holiday as a good excuse to have a game of tennis, go for a bike ride, try your hand at windsurfing or indulge your passion in a myriad of other sporting activities. Even the couch potatoes amongst us can be inspired to leave the safety of the sun lounger and flex a muscle or two.

Sadly for 1 in 4 holidaymakers taking part in sporting activities abroad, this can result in all sorts of injuries. Indeed, we as a nation notch up a staggering bill of £55 million a year having sports injuries tended to whilst abroad, according to research carried out by insurer Direct Line.

The most common injuries are cuts and bruises (13%), followed closely by sprains and damage to ligaments (10%). 6% break bones or dislocate joints, 5% have deep cuts and lacerations, whilst an unfortunate 3% suffer head injuries.

78% of those suffering sports injuries abroad end up seeking medical attention with only 10% waiting until they return home to have the injury seen to. Medical care abroad can be costly and 12% pay over £100 for treatment.

This of course underlines the importance of having appropriate travel insurance and also checking that your policy covers the sports that you are likely to take part in. For example, sports such as skiing which are categorised as dangerous activities require a special policy. Even activities such as horse riding, which may not at first glance seem particularly dangerous, can often be excluded too so it is vital that you read the small print carefully.

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