You’ve bought your tickets and travel insurance, packed your bags and grabbed your passport and tickets, now how will you get to the airport? Grabbing a taxi can be costly (unless you live within a stone’s throw of the airport!) and catching a ride from a friend at 4am…well, that’s just mean. So now you’re left with driving yourself, finding a parking lot, and making your way to the airport.
There are large number of parking options available, especially for some of the major airports like Gatwick and Heathrow. Rather than hunt through site after site comparing costs and options Airport Parking Shop can help. You can compare all the best deals in one place and save yourself time and money. It is not tied to any one company but compares prices from 6 of the biggest parking brokers. Savings of up to 60% can be made at over 100 car parks in the UK. Parking options at UK airports large and small are compared, even the Dover Ferry Port.


There is nothing more dispiriting than booking a bargain flight and then realising in the cold light of day that this will involve you getting out of bed at some ungodly hour to allow plenty of time to reach the airport, especially with the current requirement to check-in several hours ahead of departure. Worry not. This is where Airport Hotel Shop can help you.
This site features 170 hotels at 24 airports (and also Dover ferry port). It offers a booking facility and detailed information about the airport itself and the surrounding area. It features all the major airports and smaller ones as well. If you need a little shuteye before catching the redeye flight this site will help you find the best place to rest.

Hiring a Car

Once you have the flight sorted you’ll need to think about how you’ll get around once you reach your destination. Will you rely on public transportation? Trains? Buses? Internal flights?
Hiring a car can allow you the flexibility to go where you want, when you want, independently. If you do decide to hire a car for driving within the UK or overseas the Car Hire Centre is a great source of information. You can quickly and easily compare quotes from different car hire companies to get the best possible deal without having to spend hours researching what each company has to offer. This site offers information on over 5000 locations around the world as well as country guides to help you get the most detailed information about your destination.