This service is apparently no longer offered by any insurance company in the UK (Updated on the 24th of January 2013)

Travellers across the world are becoming increasingly affected by delays to their travel arrangements as a result of international terrorist attacks and security alerts. Even though a terrorist incident can sometimes occur in another country altogether, the effects on your own travel plans can be catastrophic.

More and more frequently, many travellers are spending endless hours sleeping on airport floors, only to realise that their insurance policy does not cover them for any of the inconvenience. It is for this reason that Security Delay Insurance (SDI) has been set up, as it aims to fill in the gaps which other travel insurance policies do not cover.

SDI, a part of Totally Insured Group Limited, is a specialist travel insurance policy, used in addition to your standard policy, which offers an extra level of cover should your travel plans be interrupted by a security alert or terrorist incident. It is not a complete travel insurance provider in itself, but it rather designed to be added onto your standard policy to ensure that you don’t get caught out when travelling abroad.

Who is it aimed at?

This policy type is basically aimed at anyone who may be concerned about having their travel plans affected by a security incident. It does not come with any restrictive age limits, either upper and lower, or with any pre-medical insurance restrictions, because it does not provide any medical costs. It simply covers inconveniences to the traveller as a result of security incidents, and in this sense it is very flexible in who can be insured.

At the moment it is restricted to trips of 31 days, meaning that it is not a suitable choice if going backpacking or travelling for longer periods of time, although this may be available in the future. But for those going on business trips or short holidays, it is ideal.

Why choose it?

With the increased threats of the new millennium, anyone can be affected by a terrorist event. Whether travellers end up stranded at the airport, missing their flights or having their entire holiday ruined, SDI provides a number of reasons why it could be a good idea to fork out a bit of extra cash to make sure that you are covered.


People may wonder why they should have to pay extra on top of their original travel insurance policy. With security threats and terrorist attacks becoming increasingly common, and not always being covered under general travel insurance policies, it is important to make sure you are not incurring extra costs if the worst does happen. Some benefits of this policy type include:

Things to look out for

The following are points that you should be aware of before taking out the cover:

Levels of Cover

The policy is divided into four different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus.

All of the levels cover the following events, but some offer a higher amount of cover:

This article does not provide detailed levels of cover for each event. However, as a guide, the maximum claim amount on the Bronze level is £3,300, and the maximum claim amount on the Gold Plus level is £9,200. Take a look at the SDI website for full details.

Other information

If you are travelling in the next five days, then your choice of cover level will be restricted to Gold Plus. As is made clear when you obtain a quote, you will also need to have bought a ticket for the same date of travel.

The excess that you have to pay upon making a claim is £50 for all events on all cover levels. The only exclusion from this rule is for claims made on subsistence costs.

The Bronze cover level is restricted to Europe due to the extra costs incurred for longer flights.

When obtaining a quote, you will be asked about the ages of the travellers to be insured. These are divided into three categories:

Each of these comes with a different premium rate which increases with age. For full details visit the SDI website.