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Insure & Go is one of the UK’s largest travel insurance providers. Insure & Go prides itself on offering cheap holiday insurance quotes for UK residents for a wide range of travel activities and destinations. Providing customers with the right cover and policy that meets their needs quickly and simply is their goal. Customers can get excellent rates on all travel insurance products, and policies will be up and running in minutes.

Policy Types

Insure and Go Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip
  • Annual Multi Trip
  • Backpacking & Long Stay
  • Winter Sports
  • Business Cover
  • Over 65's

Policy Benefits

  • Cover for a wide range of sports
  • Backpacking cover for up to 18 months
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Policy card to take your details with you as you travel
  • Up to 3 children per adult are covered free of charge*


Visit Insure and Go Travel Insurance for a quote.

Travel Sales0844 888 2787
Customer Services Tel:0844 888 1588
24 hour Medical Assistance+44 (0)207 748 0021
Claims line+44 (0) 207 748 0023

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I used I & G for a family holiday to Orlando this year due to illness we were unable to go. 4 weeks since submitting ALL documention asked for still nothing.. After several phone calls only to find out the claim still hasn't been looked at! Now they are asking for further info which is was not originally requested. It's not enough that you worried about the situation which prevented you from traveling in the first place but on top of that you have to constantly chase a company whio took your money to provide a service which they are trying to get out of doing. I would NOT recommend this company.
Posted by S Harltey on the 15th August 20131 stars
If you want reassurance and a helpful attitude in an emergency don't use Insure and Go. Husband was in hospital for a week in Spain - all we have claimed is 6 days in hotel for me to stay near him. Claims department using delaying tactics and increasing stress .
Posted by Anne Masterton on the 13th August 20131 stars
A company like Insure and Go can only be judged by the way it expedites bona fide claims. They have 3 Departments: The department of delay/ the department of interminable delay/ and the department of infinite delay. Their underlying strategy (lying being the operative word) is never to settle a claim unless absolutely necessary or being under legal threat. I agree entirely with an earlier comment that they should be renamed Insure and Go elsewhere.
Posted by Dr Douglas Perry on the 28th March 20131 stars
I have insured for an expensive trip (£7000) with Insure and Go. Having read these reviews (wish I'd done it sooner) have decided I will have to pay to take out insurance with another company. I & G use Mapfre who are the underwriters who pay out. My husband is having problems with another insurer who also uses Mapfre. The questions on the claim form are mostly irrrelevant. I think Mapfre just don't want to pay up. All companies like INsure and Go just sell you the product they are not the ones who pay out. In future I will avoid any insurer who has Mapfre as its underwriter.
Posted by Christine Jury on the 9th February 20131 stars
Had appendicitis on holiday. TFI had travel insurance. Cost of op, extended hotel stay & return flights covered.
Bad points – lack of communication whilst abroad resulting in several expensive phone calls to UK office (you can’t claim for this). This aspect was lousy.
On return from hol submitted claim form for last 2 days hotel bill which we paid on departure (Insurreandgo should have already paid this). Also, claiming back for holiday cut-short. Forms were submitted in August & here I am waiting in November for an update. I have emailed the claim dept four times, customer complaints once & phone twice. No replies to emails. No update in respect of claim other than it’s “being processed”. This is appalling service.
Posted by GM on the 16th November 20122 stars
Took out a policy costing £52 for travel to usa, paid this as I said I needed a good cover for curtailment or cancellation as my elderly mother was the problem. Took this out in January for travel in June, having been told it was a good coverage. As it happens had to curtail my holiday after 6 days as my mother took a massive stroke, and died a few days later I am STILL trying to get my money back for the flight home. I have made several calls always have to hold on for ages and I am still waiting this has taken from June to October. Would NEVER recommend this crowd luckily I have never had a claim in my life, but I think it should be called insure and go ELSEWHERE
Posted by anne earlie on the 3rd October 20121 stars
I have had a family annual policy with Insure and Go for many years but will not be renewing. I have only made one very small claim for a tooth extraction befor but recently had my mobile phone stolen only to be told yhat it was not covered yet my HSBC bank covered it unde a policy that I do not pay for they agreed the claim over the phone and paid me 2 days later . I have just had to make another small claim for a 16 hour flight delay which six weeks later I have still not received any compensation and it is impossible to get through to the existing claims department - appauling service!!!
Posted by John Corke on the 20th July 20121 stars
absolutely appalling - signed me up to the wrong policy, automatically renewed and refused to refund. don't touch these cowboys with a barge pole.
Posted by nicola on the 18th July 20121 stars
This is the worst insurance company ever, my husband needs an operation asap, we are now onto day 3 and still no nearer, they keep fobbing you off saying they haven't had enough info from hospital in turkey, (as soon as they ask they get it, but it's never enough, they have even spoken to the surgeon and that's not enough) my patience is running thin so I'm now getting told the call will be terminated if I interrupt again!! My husband can hardly stand, sit, lie down, needs op on upper spine and insure and go docs say it's a sore back, pain relief and physio is what they recommend!! Case on going so hopefully they will see sense. But my advice don't go near them, they don't call back with updates, they provide no support at all
Posted by Karen smith on the 10th July 20121 stars
Appalling communication and customer service. They didnt contact me one single time about my claim and when I rang them 20 mins on hold each time. They did settle my medical claim in full though so cant complain too much
Posted by Adam Watson on the 8th June 20123 stars
Appalling Company - Trip to China May 2012. Lufthansa sent my hold luggage to Singapore for two days resulting in me arriving in Qing Dao with just cabin bag. Had to purchase essentials.. on return to UK submitted a claim to recover costs - downloaded the seven page weasel worded claim form.. sent it by registered mail to their 'claims' department. They ignored it.. not so much as an acknowledgement of receipt. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO INTEGRITY AT ALL DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY... GO TO THE POST OFFICE INSTEAD.
Posted by John de-Pulford on the 8th June 20121 stars
Had to submit a claim due to a sudden and traumatic family death in April last year.
They lost the initial claim forms sumitted and I sent several emails requesting an update. Got that horrible we are busy automated reply.

Eventually rang their Purchase line and asked to be transferred. It seems they answer the Sales lines a lot lot quicker than Claims lines. They required everything sent to them again, which was done.

Last month received a cheque with substantial reductions made.
I have sent three emails now asking for an explanation but await the courtesy of a reply.

Posted by ian Mallon on the 16th May 20121 stars
If you're ready for a dozen of telephone calls and 2 months of waiting - then InsureAndGo is the place. Every time they request a new paper from you the 10-working day waiting period starts. Write down every single name of the people who talk to you and request an email confirming what was promised. Otherwise next time you'll be told that no one promised you anything. Helpless customer service.
Posted by Ksenia on the 13th April 20121 stars
Attitude concern and care has always been barbaric when it comes to there customer services skills especially with this company insure and go, travel claims services limited. Personally I feel animals have more rights then human beings in the poor manour that they treat you with in terms of self dignity and respect . Majority of the time they feel the need to victimise there customers as criminals when it comes to putting forward a claim i.e probing you to a interview over the telephone and then a piss poor attitude to comply with a face to face interview with an external agency. I take it even though you have a police report and complied with there claims form with receipts on end they yet decide for ever long to review your case as if you're a second class citizen.
Posted by Mr on the 27th March 20121 stars
As with other customers I can confim that Insure and Go will ask for more and more information until they find a way to squirm out of paying a claim. I would urge anyone having a complaint against this company to take their case to the Financial Ombudsman. For new customers who are reading reviews my advice is to Insure and Go somewhere else!
Posted by James Andrews on the 6th February 20121 stars
DONT EVER USE THEM!!!!! I became ill and was hospitalised the day before I was due to travel. After three months of waiting for them to sort out the claim they have now declined it. REASONS: They are saying it was a pre-existing condition!! My doctor has confirmed that it isn't and I certainly didn't know I had it until I was hospitalised and also (THIS IS THE BEST BIT) - I paid for the insurance on the 19th of the month we were due to travel on the 22nd, I was hospitalised the afternoon of the 21st. Apparently the validation certificate starts from the 22nd - OUR DATE OF TRAVEL. How can you cancel a holiday whilst you are already on it!!!! Surely insurance is there to cover you in case you can't go as well as whilst you are away?!?! If I had gone I would have been susceptible to a stroke or going blind - the claim would have been a lot higher then!!!! I WANT TO PUT MINUS STAR RATING!!!!!!!
Posted by Jackie Fielder on the 2nd February 20121 stars
Pathetic. Avoid them like the plague. After a medical problem on a cruise they delayed everything and their claim forms only considered airport problems and they could offer no assistance with completing the forms. After 8 months of sending them more and more documents, they decided that it wasnt covered under the policy because the ship had returned to england ( without us ) on its due date!!!! Customer service is a bunch of liars and nothing is ever confirmed in writing, their customer complaints department is worse than useless. Despite the policy holder dieing whilst still in hospital abroad, they insist that only the policy holder can raise a complaint. Its disgusting.
Posted by Steve on the 19th January 20121 stars
Informed them that I wouldn't be renewing this year because they weren't competitive at all on a like for like basis with many other insurers. They still renewed my policy and took the money from my account. They denied that they had any record of me cancelling (so calling me a liar). Luckily I noticed within 14 days so have cancelled but still have to wait 7-10 days for a full refund. Not good enough.
Posted by Lee Hodge on the 19th January 20121 stars
I used Insure & Go after it was suggested by a friend, I would never ever use them again. They refused to pay a medical bill for treatment my daughter received whilst abroad even though they gave the doctor the go ahead to do so this was in April 2010. In the end I contacted an Ombudsman who agreed that Insure & Go should pay. I have received an email from them saying they are very busy and that it may be some time before they can deal with it.
Posted by Barbara on the 26th December 20111 stars
I agree with the critical comments about Insure and Go stated below. I submitted a claim in September (my first ever travel insurance claim in over 30 years) but apart from an written acknowledgement I have heard nothing further. I sent a fax requesting an update about one week ago but have received no response. Phoning is hopeless as you do not get through to anyone for ages.
Posted by Graham Reid on the 29th November 20111 stars
I can only agree with the majority of the reviews, I would steer clear of this company.

I took out their policy and had been a member for a couple of years. I needed to claim back in March as I needed medical treatment whilst abroad. Thats where the problems have started.

I had to send my claim details twice because they could not obtain the originals.
I have chased them repeatedly and whilst they say they're actioning it, no one can give me confirmation that they've dealt with the claim.
I've now received numerous collections letters from the medical group as several months on Insure and Go have not contacted the medical group to begin processing the claim.
I raised a formal complaint 2.5 months ago with their complaints team and still not solved.

I am now on the verge of complaining to the financial ombudsman. The experience has been very uspesting, I worry that I am now blacklisted by the medical group and have my credit file impacted by arrears because this travel insurance company are not operating as they should be.

Oh and to add to the above. I had also incured unecessary high costs when phoning my claim from abroad. The person dealing with the claim spoke very bad english and it took several calls and passing across to a supervisor to be able to take my details down. Also to finalise I was called Mrs in some of their correspondence when it must be quite clear on their system that I am male.
Posted by glenn on the 21st November 20111 stars
Please do not use this company. I have had a annual multi trip policy on auto renewal for over five years. Sadly while on a trip my car was broken into and items were stolen. When I called to claim I was instantly told no and pressed to speak to a senior advisor who went through each of my claim items to find a reason why they would not be covered. Disgusted and left with a large cost to replace my items. If I could give no stars I would.
Posted by David W on the 16th November 20111 stars
I had an enlarged heart caused by diabetes while traveling in SE Asia. The result was a constant BPM of over 150 and near heart failure.While initially i had to leave my credit card details to leave the hospital while insure & go investigated,this was worrying as they checked with all different parties for confirmation of my health.Actually what transoired was that I hd flown back to the UK for a family death for 1 month then flew back out, be aware under normal circumstances this woulod make the 1 year insurance invalid (smallish print). How ever this time Insure & go decided to provide support and paid the initial bill for 3,500 gbp for 3 days including treatment! i see a lot of negative on these reviews but maybe I was lucky! Although I still need to claim for the post hospital drugs - fingers crossed.
Posted by Mark Knowles on the 24th October 20114 stars
Don't use this company they will try and wriggle out of paying up. Poor customer Service, do not wait on them ringing you back. I am sorry I used them.
Posted by Jim Andrews on the 21st October 20111 stars
I completely agree with Raquel Manning's comments below. My husband suffered a serious injury whilst abroad and Insure and go did absolutely nothing. All they did was cause further stress. I urge you to use another company. I highly recommend The Post Office that I used some time ago - they paid out within a week (I wish I had used them this time). Insure and go are still debating my claim put in two months ago. They lose documents, claim they have'nt received papers when they were sent recorded delivery. Jokers!! and thats being polite.........
Posted by T Taylor on the 24th September 20111 stars
NEVER NEVER use this company for insurance. I ordered worldwide insurance through insure and go for 2 trips to USA. My policy arrived and they had only provided me with European cover. When i rung and informed them they said i would have to pay to upgrade to Worldwide. I said i wouldnt as it was their fault, they even listened to the call and admitted fault but still would not honour the original price. Then I found the same cover cheaper on their website and they would not match that either, they would rather lose me as a customer than try to help with with something that they were at fault for. Avoid at all cost unless you want to spend hours on the phone getting nowhere.
Posted by Andrew Price on the 20th September 20111 stars
I would never advise anyone to insure with them, go with someone far more reputable, after suffering a accident abroad 2 days into my holiday they left me high and dry and caused untold amount of stress. I was in excruciating pain and unable to walk in a wheelchair with a fractured shoulder, insure and go say I am not entitled to claim anything and will not even refund my 14.95 subscription as clearly my policy did not cover me at all even though it was the silver package.... Please do not insure with insure and go.
Posted by Raquel Manning on the 13th September 20111 stars
Awful. Just posting this now as am seeing their 'We're #1 adverts everywhere'.

My wife was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer Summer 2009. Had to fight them tooth and nail to get full refund (less excesses) on flights we had to cancel while she began chemo treatment.

They tried to suggest I knew she had lung cancer, while I booked holiday flights. Amazing!

Please don't use them. If you have to claim you may regret it.
Posted by David Finch on the 27th August 20111 stars
Very helpful in sorting out a problem to my satisfaction. My error entirely however a full refund issued. Many thanks. CRC
Posted by Mr C R Cross on the 9th August 20114 stars
I used this company for travel to Canada and America, so I had to pay quite a lot for the insurance. Whilst staying Canada I needed to visit the doctors costing me around £30. I contacted the company and they never replied. When I returned home I read in the terms that I only had a certain amount of time to claim, which had passed.

If it was a larger sum of money I would've pursued this but I am thankful that it was so small.

It's annoying that you must have travel insurance but when you get companies that don't both assisting you, just take your money and that's it, it is just taking the mick.

Out of choice I wouldn't rate one star, but since I have to put it then that is what it is receiving.
Posted by Sara on the 8th August 20111 stars
Insure and Go are not worth your business. Dont even bother with a quote, go to a proper company who at least give the impression they care about their customers. We booked with Insure and Go and they are refusing to pay out for our return flight which was cancelled by the airline because the airplane didnt turn up. Hardly our fault but apparently not covered. Insure and Go somewhere else and spread the word, they are crap. I have given them 1 star simply beause I could not add this warning without giving them something - they dont deserve it.
Posted by Maureen Freeman on the 22nd July 20111 stars
After my Fiance fell ill in the Republic of Georgia due to the appalling service provided by Insure and Go i spent £560 on phone calls to the company and at one point they were closed for the weekend.

They provided insurance and a translator for Georgia and then demanded paper work via fax (dont have them in hospitals, dont even have computers) and wouldnt act until receiving them and wanted us to inform them of the name of the hospital (which was written in Cyrillic). Then the translator made contact with the doctors and didnt even speak Georgian!!!

We went out to work in an orphanage and ended up £600 down due to the insurance company, plus the £200 cost of the insurance.

This happened in October it is now July and we have just been offered £100 to keep us quiet.

Stay well clear of Insure and Go!!!
Posted by Rachel on the 6th July 20111 stars
Would never recommend company for any type of policy got what I and my Dr thought was an gastric ulcer but unfortunately turned out to be a tumour and a very rare cancer.
Insure and go say I should have known I was under investigation for this and should have informed them. How can you inform them of your illness when you don't know you have it until an operation is performed.
It's a long story but insure and go are very unsympathetic and as for as i'm concerned a company not to be recommended or trusted.
Posted by Paul Wright on the 24th June 20111 stars
Pathetic. In order to make a claim you need to download their 7-page claim form, fill it in an scan all 7 pages of it then send it back. There is no other way.
Posted by Ian on the 8th June 20111 stars
Insure and Go have now gone. I renewed last year a month prior to the expiry date and my wife was taken suddenly quite ill, I rang Insure and Go to cancell the policy but they had taken the money and refused point blank to refund it even though there was still 2 weeks to go to the renewal date.
Now I have received my renewal and find it has increased by 125% and that without any claim ever
Posted by Bazza on the 7th June 20111 stars
after a very bad flood at my apartment i made a claim to which it was delt with superbly by insure and go staff and was settled in days im so glad i read and understood my policy i brought it dosn't pay to just go for the cheapest thanks again insure and go
Posted by john dienn on the 1st June 20115 stars
Terrible service- lie through their teeth and when caught out haven't even got the grace to apologise- admitted that what their staff tell you is wrong and their claim forms are wrong but they appear to see nothing wrong in that - Made a small claim for a delayed case at xmas still waiting-! for even a mildly satisfying answer - customer service is saying I'm sorry you feel that way Sir to every accusation.Ask them any thing outside there pre-scripted reply and it goes sailing over their heads- not even the basic idea abou the insurance industry As said below they appear to try everything to get out of paying up !!. The 'team leader' I spoke to must be the Artful dodgers mum_ Not worth a single star
Posted by Gazza on the 10th February 20111 stars
Had to make a claim for 25 hour delays on both outward and inward journeys of our last holiday. Claim was settled in less than three weeks with no hassle whatsoever. Money paid out was in accordance with their policy schedule.
Posted by Deebru on the 31st January 20115 stars
I would not advise anyone to go with your firm. I have had so much trouble with your dept. My next step is to ask one of the newspapers to help me in recovering money for a trip which I could not take due to a spinal problem. I am so disappointed with the response so far. But never will I insure with you in the future.
Posted by joanne lancaster on the 24th December 20101 stars
My bag was stolen from a restaurant incurring £800 worth of losses. I recovered £49 from which does not even cover the cost of the policy. policies are basically worthless if you read the policy documents.
Posted by Chris on the 17th December 20101 stars
An appalling company that is clearly out to minimise claims to the point of breaking the spirit (at the very least) of the insurance contract. Look elsewhere unless you enjoy the prospect of small-print ping-pong, insurmountable evidence requirements and ultimately court action to top up whatever disaster you thought you were insured against. This company will happily take your money and then add to your grief once the worst happens.
Posted by Mark B on the 16th August 20101 stars
Have to give this shower 1 star under sufferance but if I could have given them zero stars I would. I have had a policy with them for 5 years. Made a claim this summer for cancellation after a family member fell ill. I&G declined it. We fought them on it but they wouldn’t budge. I have lodged a complaint with them and shall be contacting the Ombudsman to pursue this further.
I haven’t cancelled the policy yet as I need to wait for the outcome of the FOS ruling as I can imagine that whoever makes decisions at I&G regarding complaints will come down on the company’s side. I have essentially got a policy which there is no point keeping as it is essentially no use to me. I surmise that if they aren’t going to pay up in those circumstances that they are just rip-off merchants and would never pay out on any claim. Also they’re not all that cheap either. A quick visit to a comparison website highlighted a couple of dozen providers whose similar policies were cheaper and others whose products cost the same or slightly more and had better provision and cover. In conclusion I would never use them again and would not recommend them to anyone either. Steer clear of this company if you want proper travel insurance: Avaricious, disingenuous, obstinate, in short an appalling excuse for an insurance company.
Posted by Richard Seymour on the 4th August 20101 stars
I will never use this company again under any circumstances whatsoever. I have taken my cancellation claim for lost accommodation costs to the Financial Ombudsman. Many others have been caught by the inconveniences caused by the ash cloud in April as well as me. Do yourself a favour and insure and go elesewhere! I hate to even give them one star, but that is the minimum the site will accept before posting my review.
Posted by Diane Buxton on the 11th July 20101 stars
Around 5 years ago my luggage disappeared for an entire 5 day trip to Karachi and resulted in me spending money on clothes for the duration. I was able to make one claim via insure and go and got the money back. I am now in Johannesburg and my luggage was delayed for the first five days of this trip. Making sure I had filed a report with the airline/kept all receipts, I called Insure and Go to get a claim form. The guy told me that I now have to claim through the airline first! What the hell is the point in taking out travel insurance that includes cover for delayed/lost luggage etc, yet they tell you to claim through the airline? As other have said here, I have always used insure and go and often recommend them to people. From now on I will look for another insurer that can be bothered to process my claim and reclaim the money form the airlines themselves. I asked the guy why I paid for insurance if I cant claim for delayed luggage expenses - he told me that I was also covered for medical expenses etc. I can only assume that if I was stabbed in a street robbery, that they would tell me to claim my medical expenses from the person who attacked me?
Posted by Gordon U on the 28th June 20102 stars
Don't insure with Insure and Go - we paid for their Gold Service and paid extra for medical conditions. When we were stuck in Egypt they gave no help at all, not even contributing to medicine. They claimed their underwriters prevented them paying out and advised us to take it up with them. - We did and they said it was Insure and go's decision. When they took the premium they were fast, efficient and friendly, when it came to a claim ( the first I've ever made), they were rude and unhelpful.
Posted by jonny on the 13th June 20101 stars
I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. My father died in December so I had to cancel a holiday as his funeral was the day after we were meant to fly out. They spent five months asking me for more and more information to eventually tell me last week that I wasn't entitled to any money back. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!
Posted by muriel miller on the 30th May 20101 stars
I wouldn't touch this company with a bargepole. After the recent events with the Icelandic volcano, I expected my holiday to be cancelled so I rang them. Don't worry Sir, you are covered is what I was told. The next day when the cancellation was confirmed I rang them again only to be told they are not not covering me as they are changing their classification of the cause and therefore I am now not covered and will not receive a penny. They are an absolute disgrace! I have given them one star as that's the minimum I could give them. If there was a minus figure, then that's what they would have got. Get Travel Insurance elsewhere.
Posted by Steve on the 19th April 20101 stars
I had to have emergency spinal treatment in Bangkok but Insure & Go refused the whole claim because I had had a muscular back pain and had visited the doctor. Although the two were not linked Insure & Go said that any back pain was a pre-existing condition! For insurance you should pay more to get more.
Posted by jason on the 29th January 20101 stars
Airline lost my luggage for 5 days. Had to spend about 100 euro on clothes and essentials until my bag was returned (HALF what was “allowed” under my “cover”). My spare insulin was in my main bag. When my main supply failed, I had to go to hospital in Greece to get a new batch.
Back in London, I was told (BY THEIR SUPPORT LINE) to submit 2 claims, 1 for essentials and 1 for medic cover under the same policy. They rejected the medical claim (full doctor + medial receipts) saying it was my fault for not having a spare set (IN MY LOST BAGS!!) ... as for the essentials claim, 3 weeks later I got a letter saying I’m suppose to claim from the airline first, then from them. Also, that the receipt for a backpack to hold all my new clothes (18 euro) and a receipt for underwear (5 euro) was missing. Funny, because they were the top 2 receipts sent back in the envelope, proving that not only do they not honour their policies, they actually can’t read. Stay away!!!
Posted by Ed on the 15th July 20091 stars
Their claims department is a disgrace. Never buy one of their policies. They put me through three months of hassle giving them more evidence for my claim, all while saying they were not trying to deny my claim, then after I got them everything they declined me on two reasons - one of which was I didn't claim within 7 days. They obviously knew that right at the start but still made me jump through hoops to get information to them.

They should be ashamed of themselves. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone under any circumstances. Pay a little extra for someone that you might stand a chance of getting a payout from.
Posted by Kevin on the 18th November 20081 stars
Insure & Go offers many different types of insurance which are all clearly displayed on the opening page, and licking on one of these will take you to the details about that specific type of cover. From here there is also a link to the Key Facts section, which takes you to a page where you can download the details of the different levels of cover, which is a useful feature as these are sometimes not easy to find.

The direct quote function is simple and effective. Rather than asking you for a whole wealth of unnecessary information, the only details that you need to provide are your destination, the dates that you will be travelling and the number of travellers, and the quote will be produced straight away. A nice feature is that the different policies, along with the different events that you are covered for, appear alongside each other, making it easy to make quick comparisons.

You are also given a lot of choices to modify your chosen insurance, such as altering the excess or changing certain features such as Baggage & Money and Winter Sports cover, which makes the cover more specific to your personal needs.

After filling in your details and completing the payment, an email is sent directly to your account with all of the details that you require on it. This acts as your certificate and can be printed off to keep.

Overall, the clear layout and the quick and easy service cuts out a lot of the hassle that many other sites put you through. With everything you would expect from a travel insurance company, and a number to phone in emergencies, it is overall a good and flexible provider which offers value for money.
Posted by Jon France on the 2nd June 20084 stars