Dog Tag Travel Insurance

Dogtag Travel Insurance was set up to fill a gap in the market for people who want cover for the Sports Activities they will taking part in whilst abroad. They have come up with a unique way of proving you are covered for medical treatment abroad with their surgical steel Dogtag to be carried with you when travelling. This will also give foreign medics access to your Vital Information Page, ensuring that you get the right treatment! Policies arranged by Rock Insurance Services Limited are underwritten by Europ Assistance, and all other policies are underwritten by Homecare Insurance Limited.

Policy Types

Dog Tag Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip
  • Annual Multi-Trip
  • Backpacker & Long Stay
  • Sports Activities
  • Winter Sports
  • Golf Cover
  • Scuba Cover

Policy Benefits

  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Major Sports covered as standard
  • Unique 'DogTag' recognition system
  • Personal Assistance service
  • Vital Medical Information Service
  • Massive range of sports covered


Visit Dog Tag Travel Insurance for a quote.

Customer Services08700 364824
Medical Emergencies+44 8707 744 789
Insurance Verification
Claims line0870 73 76 073

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Dreadful company. Made a claim for my paddle which I lost on a river while white water kayaking and they would not cover the cost since I had not phoned the police within 24 hours of the event. They were unhelpful and disinterested. I will never go with them again and would not recommend them.
Posted by Kayaker on the 13th October 20121 stars
I took an insurance with them, they were very friendly over the phone to get you buy it, but when the time comes to claim they dont care...
There is another company dealing with the claims..
I had a helicopter rescue and when I had to make the claim they just kept me ringing them for about 6 months and it took that long to pay to the hospital bill and to the helicopter company... on top of that they did not pay me a penny for the fact that I got ill and my trip finished. I spent 10 days in hospital, couldn't come back to the UK and they said that because I did not fly before my return date I was not entitled to anything.


I would never recommend them....
Posted by Rocio on the 9th September 20121 stars
I contacted dog tag with a simple question about upgrading to a higher level of sport cover and I have still had no answer to my question 10 days later (I am a skydiver and would have liked to make skydives in this time but cannot as they will not answer my simple query0). I know they can do it as it is in the FAQs, all I wanted really to know is how much it will cost me and then I would have paid the extra to upgrade although now I am thinking about cancelling my policy altogether and taking one out with someone else. They have been extremely unhelpful so far! I really hope I don't have to make a claim because if they are this unhelpful when I want to give them money, I dread to think how they are likely to be when they have to pay out!

Ps. the staff I have spoken to have been polite and friendly but I am really getting irritate with why no one will answer my query, I just get told to email and then get no response. so I call and they say it is being dealt with and then I still get no response.
Posted by Anon on the 11th June 20112 stars
I would avoid. they remit claims to Mondial insurance who in turn take a very long time to clear claims. Dog Tag seem to be totally disinterested with the fact that their customers ge t poor service from their agents. I invited Dog Tag to give me one reason why I should renew my policy and they could not even reply to that.

superficially good, but substantively poor
Posted by climber on the 4th February 20111 stars
2.5 weeks after a claim for a stolen snowboard - paid in full. Excellent service.
Posted by Sally on the 18th February 20105 stars