AA Travel Insurance

The AA provide comprehensive travel insurance for residents of the UK and Ireland. Great-value cover from the brand you can trust. Getting instant quotes online is fast and easy. A variety of policy options are available with great online discounts.

Policy Types

AA Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip
  • Annual Multi-Trip
  • Golfing Cover
  • Ski and/or Winter Sports
  • Wedding Travel

Policy Benefits

  • Kids go free*
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per person
  • Discounts for couples & families
  • Cover for business travel included
  • Save £££s Online


Visit AA Travel Insurance for a quote.

Customer Helpline0845 092 0606
Customer Services E-mail:enquiries@aa-travelinsurance.com
Sales0845 092 0607
24-hour Emergency Assistance
From the USA and Canada. Global Excel Management Inc.1 877 298 3623
From the Carribean and Mexico. Global Excel Management Inc.1 819 566 2608
From anywhere else in the world. Inter Group Assistant Services+44 1252 740 360
From the UK. Inter Group Assistant Services+44 1252 740 360
Claims0870 850 5025

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Never ever ever insure with the aa.. my step daughter was mugged in the canary islands - we called the aa - they only open office hours. No money, 19 years old, cards, camera, cash - everything gone. NO HELP fom the aa.
Posted by martin roberts on the 30th June 20121 stars
Worthless insurance. The exclusions make any stolen items basically uncovered
Posted by Roy on the 28th April 20121 stars
I purchased AA Travel Insurance (underwritten by a company called Drakefield Insurance) back in October 2011 to cover my four-month backpacking trip to South Africa.

Unfortunately I required medical treatment for a chest/heart problem whilst in Johannesburg and sought assistance at the nearest medical centre. As is common practice I had to pay up front and then seek recompense from my insurer. My total bill was +/- £200.

AA Travel Insurance provide you with a credit card size information card on which is listed a 24hr emergency medical helpline. As I had been suffering with my condition for a few days and had previous sought basic over-the-counter medication I did not believe my situation merited 'emergency' status. To put things in context, had I been in the UK I would've visited my GP rather than go to A&E. In addition the number provided was a UK number which suggested the 'joy' of going through a call centre in a supposed emergency situation. I had no desire to use someone else's cell phone to make an international call to be told I was caller number 45 in a 3hr call centre queue when the medical staff were keen to have me assessed and treated.

I contacted AA Travel Insurance via email the following day to be told in a rather brusk manner that my apparent failure to contact the 'emergency medical helpline' could affect my claim. Nonetheless on my return to the UK I downloaded the appropriate forms and pursued my claim.

The forms are typically detailed and repetitive, and totally irrelevant in places, but I posted my completed forms together with my original receipts confirming my treatment costs. Approximately one week later I received a letter from Drakefield Insurance acknowledging my claim and less than 4wks later I received a cheque for the full amount of my claim. No hassles, no aggravation and a thoroughly efficient service.

My only minor gripes would be that their initial response to my email correspondence was less than reassuring and strongly suggested at a difficult claim procedure, and that they appear to have calculated my claim at the current exchange rate rather than the one relevant to the time of my outlay which has me marginally out of pocket.

But I can only go off my own experiences with AA/Drakefield Insurance and, whilst I would say their initial communications hinted at a potentially problematic claim, they paid up promptly and efficiently.
Posted by Chris Cook on the 31st March 20124 stars
I had to make a small £200 claim for some treatment my wife needed in the USA.

They settled in the end but it wasn't worth the effort.

They won't pay for anything up front so I had pay myself and then to deal with trying to claim back when I got home.

They make you jump through one hoop after another, overly complicated forms, no end of copy documents, repeatedly asking for info I'd already provided. Each time taking weeks to respond.

At the end of it all the incompetent Global Response company they use agreed to cover the claim, only to then tell me to contact another company Drakefield Insurance (whoever they are) to arrange payment.

Drakefield then asked for yet more forms completed & for all the same copy documents supplied before, it was unbelievable. Useless and a complete rip off.
Posted by Neil Saunders on the 26th October 20111 stars
They let me down, when my luggages are stolen from my car during a trip. What is this travel insurance for? They are cheating! And only pay for the insurance and there is no insurance at all. For me, there is no difference to continue to pay them. They have breach the basic principle to get the travel insurance.
Posted by Sha Xu on the 12th September 20111 stars
AA travel insurance maybe cheap but it is not good value for money because they do not like paying out on the insurance. They will make you jump through ever smaller hoops and use any small print they can find to avoid paying out. Even a simple claim becomes a major effort to gather all the bits of paper and evidence they want. Before you go with the AA make sure you read the small print because if you need to claim they will certainly use it against you.
Posted by Paul Dean on the 22nd January 20101 stars
AA travel insurance is well priced and flexible. You can tailor your insurance policy to fit you as their options include winter sports, wedding and golf cover and AA provide different insurance packages which cover business travel and even offer discounts for couples and families. There are further reductions for single-parent families and children are covered free on their parents’ policy.

I travel a lot within Europe because I have friends in Sweden, Finland, Spain and Hungary and my family live in Germany. So AA's annual travel insurance is perfect for me and they made it really simple for me to add cover for skiing and the occasional trip outside of Europe too. They also offer single-trip insurance too which I have recommended to friends travelling with me.

The website is simple with all the information you need. Details of all AA travel insurance policies and how to claim are available at the touch of a button. Furthermore, they can provide you with a quote in seconds and you can then buy online or ask them to email the quote to you so you can come back and buy it later on. There is also a telephone number so you can buy cover over the phone too.
Posted by Alexa Malcom on the 19th August 20084 stars