30th April 2009

(Aldershot, UK) Many people set to travel to areas affected by swine flu may not be covered by their travel insurance policy – even if they purchase it now, warns travelinsuranceguide.org.uk

Most travel insurance policies won't cover any claims made in countries where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has already warned against travel to the area, which means those planning to travel to Mexico won't be insured.

The FCO has advised against travel to Mexico, and the World Health Organisation has now raised the threat of a pandemic to 5, on a 6-point scale. 12 countries in total have confirmed cases of the virus, including the US and the UK. Sweden and the Netherlands confirmed their first cases today.

Anyone with a trip planned that they want to cancel may also have problems. Travellers who didn't purchase insurance when booking their trip will find most policy providers won't now insure them since the FCO advised against travelling, meaning they could risk losing the cost of the holiday.

However, ABTA bonded package holidays should refund customers if their holiday is cancelled, regardless of travel insurance.

Even those who have booked their travel insurance may need to check that the policy they have includes cancellation cover – the key clause to examine. Many basic policies won't cover travellers for this, and many insurers give customers an option to opt out of cancellation cover when buying a policy to bring the price down.

Travellers with insurance who are concerned about the small print of their policy are advised to get in touch with their provider immediately.

Anyone still planning to travel to any destination who hasn't yet bought insurance is advised to talk to providers to find out if they would be covered specifically in the event of cancellation as a result of the swine flu outbreaks, rather than purchasing the cheapest cover without checking.

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Louise Doherty of travelinsuranceguide.org.uk said: “Given the quick spread of swine flu from Mexico to other countries we would advise anyone travelling to any country to make certain they've got adequate cover to avoid getting caught out. Events like swine flu highlight the importance of getting insured with the right cover for your needs. ”

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