Financial failure of airline and accommodation providers

If the company you are travelling with goes bankrupt the cost of your cancellation plan may cover this, if your policy also comes from the same company things may be slightly more complicated. Some policies cover for if a company ceases all operations for a certain number of days but once they file for bankruptcy the process my change. Be sure to check with your provider what the situation is if a company involved in any area of your trip files for bankruptcy.

There are providers who will offer cover for the financial failure or bankruptcy of airline, accommodation, tour operator and even booked activity and excursion providers.

If you are looking for this type of cover we would recommend booking with one of these companies, but be sure to check your policy before you buy, as they do change, and the provider may only cover under certain policies! Travel Insurance
MRL Travel Insurance
Worldwide Insure Travel Insurance
24/7 Travel Insurance
Swinton Travel Insurance
Saga Travel Insurance
Post Office Travel Insurance
Direct Travel Travel Insurance
Leading Edge Travel Insurance
Dog Tag travel Insurance
Travel Cover
Age Concern travel Insurance
AA Travel Insurance