Nationwide provides free travel insurance


Nationwide has long been popular with travellers due to the free use of its cards abroad. However, this is going to be completely scrapped later this year, to be replaced with free travel insurance instead.

It will be a huge blow to a large number of customers who have come to enjoy the perk of free ATM withdrawals and free spending on their cards overseas. However, Nationwide claims that the free travel insurance will actually work out better for most of its loyal customers.

The bank has claimed that the European multi-trip travel insurance will be worth about £80 per year for joint cover. This is more, it claims, than the average customer saves in card charges.

Nationwide had grown concerned with the fact that many people were only using their FlexAccounts as a way to save money abroad, and switching back to another account to use as their main current account when they were back home.

Nationwide has grown wise to this practice, and has admitted that the measure has been taken to focus on rewarding its loyal customers, whilst dissuading the customers who just take advantage of the free card use.

As a result, the free travel insurance will only be made available to customers who use the Nationwide as their main current account.

If you are going on holiday and you are a Nationwide customer, you could save some money on your travel insurance when the new offer comes into effect. However, make sure you check the specific details of the policy first to ensure that you are covered for every eventuality. This is especially important for elderly travellers, those with a pre-existing medical condition or anyone expecting to take part in any kind of sports activity when they are away.


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#5 I have free european travel and had upgraded for the excess waiver, I had acla for lost passports and having to pay for emergency passports and new flights, all was refunded apart from minor things I had forgotten to ask receipts for such as fuel and toll charges. Very happy with the service.
Posted by Teresa Turke on 15/11/2013 at 11:21
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#4 The upgrade to worldwide travel insurance was a total waste of money. I had a compound fracture of my wrist 3 weeks before I was due to travel, on my own, to Florida. Because the doctor did not totaly ban me from travel, the policy provider will not ay any of the claim. It has also taken them 3 months to arrive at this decision. Nationwide use UK travel as their insurance provider. My £20 upgrade was money down the drain and I will not be using them again even if they are free.
Posted by Jan on 18/01/2012 at 18:23
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#3 I switched my main account to Nationwide for the free use of cards when abroad.
I already have worldwide travel insurance for self and partner with skiing for £103. To upgrade the "free" insurance to this level would cost £90 making it worth £13 to me not the £80 Nationwide claims it is worth!
I am one of the many customers who feel they have been duped.
Posted by DrHig on 09/11/2011 at 10:59
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#2 The nationwide travel insurance have many advantages and also it's really very nice option to choose this policy.
Posted by gavin on 25/05/2011 at 07:35
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#1 It is a nice service provider of travel insurance and has a large cover span
Posted by Travel Insurance on 22/10/2010 at 09:39
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