Are you covered for electrical items?


If you are busy packing to go on holiday you might like to stop for a moment and consider what would happen if you were unlucky enough to lose some of your electrical equipment, which is no doubt near the top of your list of things to pack.

Gone are the days when all we needed to keep us entertained by the pool was a good book and when keeping in touch with the folks back home involved sending the odd postcard.

Nowadays we need our iPhones, iPods and iPads, to say nothing of laptops, expensive cameras and camcorders. If we are travelling with children the likelihood is that they will insist on taking their PSPs and Gameboys with them too.

It is not surprising therefore that the average holidaymaker takes over £400 worth of electrical goodies with them. Unfortunately, some of them give no thought to whether they have the appropriate insurance should these items get lost or damaged whilst on holiday.

Research from AXA shows that a whopping £7 billion worth of electrical goods are taken out of the UK by British travellers each year. Of this, almost £1.6 billion is uninsured either by a travel policy or personal possessions cover on a home insurance policy.

Many people who think they are insured have failed to spot the single item limit common on most policies and there are also some who pack their valuables in their hold luggage which will often invalidate their insurance cover.

AXA recommends that holidaymakers think carefully about which gadgets should be left at home and that if they have to take valuable equipment with them on holiday make sure they check their insurance policies carefully.


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