Cruise travel insurance being overlooked


Despite the global economic downturn of the past year and the effect it has had on the travel industry, there is one sector that is thriving: cruises. Going against the grain of the travel industry as a whole, cruises actually seem to be growing in popularity.

Why? The cruise industry has been particularly quick to encourage more people onto cruises through providing a huge variety of special offers. Special offers for children and for large groups are not hard to find, which tempts more people to go on a cruise as a cheap way to have a holiday and see the world in the midst of the economic gloom.

But as more people are tempted to go on a cheap cruise, a warning has just been issues by the travel insurance industry. It seems that many people who go on a cruise are not aware of the special travel insurance requirements that are involved.

Cruise holidays are still seen as posing a bigger risk for insurers than standard holidays. That’s not to say that they are more dangerous, but if something goes wrong out at sea and a passenger gets injured, the costs of being airlifted to hospital are a lot greater.

A spokesperson for AA Travel Insurance, which issued the alert, said that many people “overlook the fact that cruises may not be included as standard on cheaper travel insurance policies,” because these are designed for standard holidays on land.

The problems of not getting adequate insurance can be enormous if something goes wrong. It’s not just the huge medical bills that will have to be paid by the traveller, but also financial losses arising from personal liability claims, cancellation and loss of possessions as well. It may come as a shock to some people who have bought their travel insurance but haven’t realised that they are not covered.

Most travel insurance companies have specific cruise policies in place, and although these are often more expensive than standard insurance policies, it is always worth paying that little bit extra to enjoy the holiday as much as possible.


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