One in four British holidaymakers do not possess travel insurance


A report by Norwich Union's travel insurance division has found that 25% of British holidaymakers do not possess travel insurance. These travellers risk incurring substantial costs should they fall victim to theft or ill health when on holiday. These findings are particularly concerning given that middle-aged Britons are now more likely to holiday abroad than ever before.

Of those holidaymakers who admitted to travelling without insurance, 50% stated that they thought of travel insurance as an unnecessary expense, particularly if they were only going abroad for a weekend break. Many weekend holidaymakers choose to take advantage of budget fares and exclusive packages. However, experts warn the financial gains associated with short holidays could easily be lost should travellers incur other unforeseen expenses.

14% of Britons blame their lack of travel insurance on forgetfulness. Men appear to be more willing to take risks when it comes to travel insurance. Almost one-third of men admitted to travelling without insurance compared to just one-fifth of women.

Figures produced by Norwich Union state that the insurance company paid over £43.5 million in travel insurance claims. Research suggests that most British holidaymakers believe that the only benefit of possessing travel insurance is that it provides compensation for lost or stolen belongings. This, according to analysts at Norwich Union, is a very misleading belief.

Medical emergencies account for almost half of insurance claims with the average claim being £1,200. Cancelled holidays also account for a significant proportion of claims. Insurance advisors encourage travellers to purchase travel insurance before they actually book their holiday. Tourist operators will not provide you with compensation if you cancel your holiday and without insurance the costs involved can be substantial.

According to Luis Berraondo, an insurance underwriter for Norwich Union, holidaymakers put a lot of time and effort into their holiday from the hotel or villa to which airline and what baggage to take, but our research shows that often they don't think about the financial and emotional consequences if things go wrong.

In light of these recent developments, Norwich Union has come up with a few points which are designed to provide guidance to sceptical travellers.

Norwich Union's findings come on the back of a recent survey by HSBC which revealed that 27% of Britons had little idea about what their travel insurance covers. This, according to analysts, is almost as dangerous as failing to buy an insurance policy. However, travelling without insurance is invariably a very risky business. The simple steps outlined above will ensure that you are protected whatever the circumstances.


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