Typically, holiday makers and travellers tend to take out insurance before going on a single trip but for those travelling on a regular basis this can be time consuming and unnecessarily pricey.

Given the increased number of UK citizens travelling regularly, insurance providers now offer multi-trip insurance to give travellers cover all year round.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance is designed to suit individuals who travel on UK and international trips at least three times a year, although with some providers, multi-trip insurance can even be cheaper than buying just two single trip policies. By purchasing multi-trip insurance, customers are covered for an unlimited number of trips, providing the trip falls within the time limit specified by the insurance provider (typically this is 31 days although for an extra cost it is usually possible to change this to 45 or even 60 days depending on the provider)

The policy is particularly beneficial for people whose trips are unpredictable or who regularly take advantage of last minute deals and may not have time to organise insurance before they go.

It is also a good policy for those travelling in connection with a business or profession as most insurance providers offer business cover as an extra included with the policy (although manual workers are usually excluded from this cover)

Some advantages of taking out annual multi-trip insurance include:

Some disadvantages of multi-trip insurance include:

Cover Levels

Each insurance provider covers different extras under the policy. These could include:

Other options

In addition to the various extras covered by different policy providers, each insurance company offers different way of customising the multi trip policy with prices varying accordingly. These could include: